March 16 2006

Graham Marsden & Andy MackeldenEastbourne Mayor Graham Marsden and the lady Mayoress hosted the annual ceremonial tree planting on March 16, 3pm, at Gaudick Road, Meads. The event was kindly sponsored by Fivewalk Homes, local developers of the luxury Sunnymead apartments, where the trees will be sited.

The event aimed to recreate the historic avenue planting in the road, using carefully selected fauna with particular qualities. Positioned directly opposite the luxury Sunnymead development, the five Greesnspires, small-leaved lime plants known officially as Tilia Cordata will one day offer shade and scenery to those approaching the development.

This tree variety is ideal for avenues as it has a medium mature size and is tolerant of an urban setting. Its pyramidal form replicates the shape of the original Wheatley Elms that were used in avenue planting by the Victorian town designers, retaining the area’s original beauty and planting tradition. It suits the location perfectly as it echoes Sunnymead’s original Victorian architecture, whilst showcasing contemporary grandeur.

Dignitary guests expected at the ceremony include Andrew Mackelden, managing director of Fivewalk Homes; Councillor Lucas, leader of the Eastbourne Borough Council; and Meads Ward Councillors, Councillor Elkin, Councillor Stevens and Councillor Taylor.

Other notable guests include members of the Meads Community Association and two Gaudick Close residents who have expressed a keen interested in tree planting.

“I am incredibly proud to be a part of this ceremony and participate in this acclaimed tradition, especially being able to offer Sunnymead residents an even more spectacular view,” said Andrew Mackelden, managing director of Fivewalk Homes.

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